Ideas for Virtual Team Building in Singapore

Belonging to a team is essential to the success of any company. The more cohesive and passionate your group is, the better possibility you have of making it happen. But what if some members are too far? What’s an entrepreneur supposed to do when they want to construct their dream company however do not have everyone in one area?

Well, worry not! Here are six methods for virtual team building in Singapore that will help keep your workers close even when they’re on the opposite of the world. With these tips, you can regularly hold video conferences with your staff members or allow them to participate in yearly meetings all while preventing costly travel expenses. And who knows, possibly it’ll be just enough to get those “too-far-away” members to move into the very same city as you?

1. Develop a company culture

The initial step for a successful virtual team building in Singapore is establishing a strong company culture that your staff members can feel part of from anywhere on earth. This implies more than just having some cool, slogan t-shirts made up with your logo on them. Strong company culture indicates setting goals and objectives for your staff members with their input, encouraging them to become associated with the direction of the business; it’s not almost you any longer.

2. Conduct regular video conferences

This does not indicate that you never see your workers face-to-face once again (unless that is what works best for your company). Instead, think of using video conferencing as a way to construct better relationships with staff members who work in the very same office together. It does not need to be just when there is a team-building event either.

3. Provide time off

Just because your staff members are working from house or in a various nation does not mean that they ought to work continuously. It is important to provide your employees the time off that they need to be productive when they are working. If a staff member isn’t given adequate time for their personal life, then there’s a likelihood that they will stress out fairly rapidly, which implies you’ll need to begin searching for brand-new workers all over once again.

4. Ensure they are still involved in tasks

Do not just presume that virtual teams are only beneficial when it’s time for a video conference or that their function has been reduced to answering emails and submitting expense reports. Usage technology to make sure your virtual staff members feel consisted of. By using programs like Skype, Google Hangout, Slack, and JIRA, you can make certain that all of your employees are consisted of when it pertains to essential choices and new tasks. This provides a sense of purpose and allows them to feel like they are still valued members of the group.

5. Keep the lines of interaction open

When employees do not see their coworkers face-to-face, it can be easy to let the lines of interaction end up being blurred. Going over to someone’s desk and talking with them in person may seem like too much effort when you could simply send out an email or leave a voicemail instead. Nevertheless, this isn’t reliable for virtual team building in Singapore; you do not desire your staff members to feel like they are being prevented or that they are not important adequate to speak with face to face.

6. Develop a yearly conference for all staff members

If you have numerous virtual team members, it might be difficult to get everyone together at the same time. If your team is expanded throughout the world, then there’s also a great chance that 2 of them will never really meet each other in person. This is why it’s a good concept to hold a virtual annual meeting where everybody gets a possibility to speak out and belong to the company. You can utilize programs like Google Hangout or Skype to ensure that it’s simple for everybody to participate in the event.

7. Provide staff members time to get comfy with technology

Lots of people are uneasy with innovation, which isn’t an uncommon sensation when you’ve been doing things in a particular method for a long time. If you have a virtual team, then it’s important to give them the time that they need to become comfy with innovation before putting them to work. Otherwise, you might end up losing their trust and regard as a manager.


Virtual staff members might appear like the perfect solution for your company because they can help save you money and time along with improving productivity. But, if they aren’t provided the same opportunities as their colleagues, then it will not be very long before your organization starts to see a decrease in output and total success. Instead of permitting this to happen, attempt executing these seven techniques into your virtual team building in Singapore strategy and watch your workers turn into efficient and remote groups.

I hope you discovered this post beneficial for your service!

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